Panorama Barre is a workout born from Olivia's dream to combine amazing underground club music with choreographed fitness routines in a fluent & synchronised way. As a complete fitness enthusiast, DJ and somebody that loves the party scene, Olivia wanted to create a class for people under the same umbrella to sweat out those toxins and regain the balance between the lifestyles that are different ends of the spectrum. All of Olivia's routines are performed in sync with her own mixes of techno, house, garage, electro, and anything that tickles her fancy, which are carefully curated with the intention of using for her fitness classes. Aside from the music, Olivia's ethos is about steering completely away from the tacky, dry & often intimidating aspects of traditional gym culture and creating an all-inclusive, friendly, encouraging & silly environment with a strong community feel. A space for people to work hard, sweat buckets but get lost in the music and leave feeling incredible.